Examples of My Work (Overview)

I have selected some samples of the work I have completed as part of the MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning here at the University of Limerick. On this page, I present a brief overview of each project. You can click on the links be taken to a more detailed look at the assignment, which includes my thoughts on what I learned during its’ creation and the final product I created for each.


Table of Contents

  1. “Chess for Kids!” – An E-Learning Resource
  2. “Card Games For All The Family” – An Instructional E-Book
  3. Instructional Podcast
  4. Descriptive and Informative Summaries
  5. Redesigned Instructions
  6. Graphics


“Chess for Kids!” – An E-Learning Resource

Cartoon image of children playing chess.Tasked with choosing a topic and developing a digital resource to teach a target audience, I developed a short course aimed at teaching primary school children the history of and basic rulses of chess.


The course is embedded on this page, along with a more detailed analysis of the design and development involved in the creation of the course.




“Card Games For All The Family” – An Instructional E-Book

Front cover of the Card Games For All The Family book.This project is an E-Book developed for online viewing that instructs readers on how to play a number of different card games.


Read more about the project and view the book on this page.





Instructional Podcast

Podcast LogoFor this project, we were tasked with selecting a topic and creating a podcast outlining to the listener how to carry out a procedure. Drawing on my experience working with student clubs and societies, I chose to create a podcast that explained the dispute resolution procedures which the University of Limerick Clubs and Societies use when dealing with complaints related to bullying, harassment and misconduct.

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Descriptive and Informative Summaries

Summary LogoOur lecturer provided us with a long-form newspaper article which extended to approximately 5,000 words in length. We needed to produce a Descriptive Summary (a brief overview of the themes contained in the article) and an Informative Summary (presenting the key facts of the piece in a shorter form).

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Redesigned Instruction Manual

User Guide LogoSpot-On for Cats is a flea treatment solution. For this task, we took the existing set of instructions and redesigned them based on the Instructional Design and Technical Writing concepts we have studied. The aim was to create a superior, more user-friendly document.

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Graphics LogoFor this final piece, I chose a series of graphics which I felt were defective in some way. I provided a critique of each image, highlighting the issues I had identified. I then picked one of the pictures and redesigned it to address the problems I raised.

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