“Chess for Kids!” – An E-Learning Resource

Table of Contents

    1. The Course
    2. Project Details


The Course

Here is a digital resource designed to teach children the fundamentals of chess. The course includes the history of the game, the rules of how to play and some trivia. There is also a section allowing students to test whether or not they know the rules of the game.

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Project Details

For this assignment, we needed to produce a digital resource to teach a topic of our choice to a specific audience. I chose to create a short online course to teach primary school children the basics of the game of chess.

I decided to include this project as part of this portfolio as it is a demonstration of my skills developing an E-Learning solution. The work highlights my abilities with Articulate Storyline and shows how I design content to be appropriate for the target learners.

To create the course, I first needed to select the content for inclusion. I felt children would appreciate and enjoy a brief introduction to the game’s history, as well as some fun trivia before they progress to the main lesson of the programme. The instructional portion of the material focuses on the fundamental rules of the game, including basic gameplay and the movement of the various game pieces.

I wanted the course to have a strong motif. I decided that the chessboard pattern would persist throughout each screen. The pattern is used as the frame for the material, for the various menu buttons and also as the progress bar during each lesson. I believe this results in a consistent look and feel for the entire resource.

I developed the resource using Articulate Storyline 3. I sourced the audio from various royalty free music sites and obtained images from stock image repositories. I made necessary edits to the assets when required, using Audacity to make changes to audio clips and MS Paint to make small cosmetic changes to the graphics.

Overall, this project was both useful and enjoyable to undertake. It was an opportunity for me to put into practice the skills and techniques I had been learning up to that point in the MA programme. It was incredibly rewarding to see how the theoretical concepts we had learned about in lectures could be put into practical use to create a product which satisfies a need and could potentially be helpful to the target  pupils. As Articulate is a very popular piece of software in the industry, I feel that undertaking the development of this resource using Storyline 3 will be advantageous in the future.