“Card Games For All The Family” – An Instructional E-Book

Table of Contents

    1. Project Details
    2. The Book


Project Details

This project required the creation of an interactive E-Book to instruct readers on how to accomplish a series of tasks. I elected to write a set of instructions for a series of card games that a family might enjoy playing together.

This work demonstrates my skills in designing a set of instructions for an audience and presenting them in a readable, useful manner.

When creating this resource, I began by selecting the games I wanted to teach my prospective students. I aimed to choose a variety of games that could be played by a wide-ranging age-group, as this book was to be targeted at a general audience. I broke each game down into a numbered list of rules to make the instruction set clear and easy to understand. I noted common terms and presented these in a glossary at the beginning of the document to aid the learner.

I sourced a stock image of a family playing cards to act as a friendly greeting to the reader in the introduction, and create a pleasant atmosphere at the outset. I then used an image editor to make examples of how the cards should be dealt in each game. These images will help the pupils visualise the written rules more effectively.

Each game’s instructions are laid out following a defined template and use the same icons. This choice should create consistency and help the learner successfully navigate the material.

This project was a helpful exercise. It gave me a chance to select a topic I was interested in and develop a set of useful instructions based on it. Focusing on elements of readability, typography, instructional and graphical design, I enjoyed the opportunity to make practical use of theoretical concepts to create a useful resource for the audience I had selected.


The Book

View the E-Book in the viewer below, or download a version for yourself at this link.